Sublime tips — part 1

Material Theme

Hello Everyone,

Taught to share this with everyone who loves using Sublime.

First and foremost thing everyone need is a tool which is good to your eyes and you love using it. That’s the reason I will cover theme aspect of Sublime.

Material theme which is best theme I have seen and also been recommended by a lot of top developers using Sublime.

First install the theme

source :

Easy Installation

You can install this awesome theme through the Package Control.

  • Press cmd/ctrl + shift + p to open the command palette.
  • Type “install package” and press enter. Then search for “Material Theme”
  • Click on that and it will start the installation

Activating the theme

You can active this theme from: — Command palette

Tools > Command Palette (or cmd/ctrl + ↑ + p) by typing Material Theme: Activate theme. — Context menu (Right click on the editor) and choose Material Theme > Activate Material Theme — Preferences > Packages Settings and choose Material Theme > Activate Material Theme

There are more Add ons which you can do like the following

File icons

Fig:- File icons
  1. Open Command Palette using menu item Tools → Command Palette…
  2. Choose Package Control: Install Package
  3. Find zz File Icons and hit Enter

Material Theme App bar

Fig:- Material Theme App bar

Install through the Package Control. Search for “Material Theme Appbar” then restart Sublime Text.

Material Theme white panels

Install through the Package Control. Search for “Material Theme white panelsr” then restart Sublime Text.