Looks like Long-Distance doesn't work in Work/Business too.

I don’t know why I'm smiling.

Because you totally didn't get me… AGAIN

I got you, that’s why I'm smiling.

Stop imagining things :P :D

OK, killed the cupid!


Don’t you have any emotions?

I had, I have, I’ll always have.
alas, someone said 15 days is lil too lil time to know all emotions…

Yes, and that someone fears if we keep talking any more today, you will have to hear it from your family.

And thus, days and weeks after they left far far north and far far south from somewhere in the mid-way, without speaking up their minds, cupid did find a way to keep their ‘ahem’ alive. Their silence, her yearning for snow-capped mountains & his passion for beaches, his killer eyes & her infectious positivity.

To be continued…