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When in Doubt, Write a Book

Dear Readers,

It’s been a while since I last posted anything. I have been busy writing a book about how to design an experience centered life. What a journey it’s been and it’s coming to an end! Our book is going through final round of edits and should be available on Amazon soon.

Here is a re-post of a blog that was recently uploaded on our site. Hope you enjoy it!

When I was working for a Fortune 2 company, most of the people I met inside wanted out and most of people I met outside wanted in. I thought this was a unique situation until I read Peter Thiel’s book Zero to One.

I began to wonder. Why are so many people unhappy at work? Why aren’t we satisfied with what we do? The sentiment was abundantly popular among younger employees. Was it a generational issue?

So, in attempt to solve the unhappy working millennial problem, my good friend Ryan and I decided to write a book, We interviewed several people. To our surprise, our experience led us down a different path.

Over a year of writing and four drafts later, we discovered that the problem was not exclusive to millennials nor was it limited to misaligned workplace values or expectations. We learned that what people crave more than flexible work schedules, unlimited vacations, and free massages are opportunities for growth, experience, and mastery.

We also discovered that people have a broken relationship with opportunity, failure, and experience.

Why we decided to write?

Like several young people in the workforce, we have experienced unemployment, company layoffs and diversifications. In a world of unknowns, we have managed to navigate the turbulent waters by taking action and living in the moment.

The Experience Manifesto is our newest collaborative effort to help others take advantage of opportunities for positive impact despite uncertainty. A lot of us seek impactful change without even realizing the itch, but we never act on it.

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We have discovered that the benefits of creating and designing are far superior than searching for meaning or looking for success. Many of us have been told to search for our passion or look for something we enjoy. This forces us to search, wait, and wish for luck. We end up waiting for something good to happen while we waste time.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fulfillment and purpose.

The mindset of finding one’s passion is very limiting. It presumes that we are designed to enjoy only one thing or have one purpose in life. This mindset leaves many of us unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

If you are wondering why that is. . .

The answer is simple, because we are human. After our basic needs are met, we are designed to grow and seek adventure. When we no longer experience personal growth or self improvement, we feel a vacancy that no amount of searching and finding will fulfill.

We decided to write the Experience Manifesto to change your mind about outcome based thinking like passion and destiny. Destiny and passion are outcomes that we cannot control. What we can control are the actions we take. The mindset change we want to inspire is a relentless focus on process and not outcome.

If you are someone who wants to take action but are too afraid to fail, or someone who wants fulfillment but struggles to find it, or someone who wants to live in the moment, but doesn’t know how, our book is designed for you.

We want to share strategies, frameworks, and stories of how you can take advantage of opportunities, learn from experiences, and grow to master anything your heart desires.

The book is in it’s final stages of production. Please follow us to learn more about publication dates.