10 Flattering Style Tips for plus Size Divas

Image showing plus size girls with different attires rocking every look

It’s an everyday struggle for plus size people to dress appropriately for day-to-day shenanigans. They can’t pull over too tight clothes for fear of their not too proportionate assets being displayed for the world to see nor do they roam around wearing baggy burlap sacks, not if they don’t want to appear like a pumpkin. Let’s bundle some style tips for plus size women that can change their fashion fear into positive ones.

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Know your body shape:

Get used to your body shape or what suits best on you. If you’re a rectangular shaped, wear clothes that will create shape, if hour glass — show off your assets, pear shaped must try to stick to separates that balance out their silhouette.

Image sowing different types of body shapes i.e. apple or inverted triangle, i.e. Pear or triangle, hour glass and banana or rectangular

See what works:

Doesn’t mean if something is on trend that it will work on each body frame and frame. Go by your body structure and stock up your wardrobe accordingly. Someone may be able to pull off latest trends others may be better off sticking to classic ethereal styles.

Show off your Assets:

There has to one favourite part of your body that you like to show off. It can either be your long legs, toned arms, killer curves or your décolletage. Opt for clothes that best emphasize your assets and your body frame all together.

plus size girl wearing sleeveless wide leg jumpsuit with deep v neck accesorised with tan slingbag and black sandals

Juggle with Colours:

Colours has the ability to draw attention to areas where you want most eyes to land. If you want to emphasize your necklace, go for a statement necklace, if you want people to notice your waist go with a tie in front tops or a classy belt. The plus size people can draw most of the colour by wearing it on the areas that they want to accentuate.

girl wearing white tee paired up with grey pencil skirt accessorised with broad belt to highlight her waist.

Binge on Accessories:

The best way to stay on trend is to feast on accessories like shoes, glasses, handbags and statement jewellery. They are lot you can create and experiment with accessories than with clothes. Heat up your favourite outfit by pairing it up with on trend edgy accessories.

Girl wearing black peplum with black and white pencil skirt accessorised with golden belt, ring, bracelette and black handbag 

Undergarment Game:

It’s all about setting the right foundation for your clothes. Adorning Right size bras and underwear will only help you in setting your clothes better. You’ll feel much more comfortable and confident regardless of the size.

girl measuring her perfect bra size

Know the Right Fit:

Ill fitted and baggy clothes are not what plus size people can afford. Too loose clothes will only swamp your silhouette. Opt for perfectly tailored fitted clothes that sit well with your body proportions.

plus size girl wearing black sheer top with grey leather pants , holding black and white checkers jacket accessorised with black long socks and sandals

Size is just a Number:

It’s not always mandatory that if you carry a certain size number it’ll fit you perfectly every time you make a purchase. Size also depends on the choice of brand. Take a varied range of sizes into the change room and go with what fits primo, no matter what the size talks.

Memorize your Measurements:

Even if you want master the game of sizes and numbers, make sure you thoroughly know your measurements. It will help pick up clothes and delay confusion when you’re cruising through online marketplaces for a perfect fit.

Stick to Subtle Prints:

Prints are one of the hottest ongoing trends this season and while you may be tempted to look for the bold edgy prints, must know that smaller, sparser patterns will probably be more flattering and will accentuates plus size body frame.

girl wearing small pattern knee length dress accessorised with tan sandals, choker and tan belt
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