How to Brush up your Suede Shoes in no time

Plum stelettoes shown in a box named christian Souboutin

Oh! We all are relatively aware of the classical Suede epic drama. They need maintenance like Queen Elizabeth II needs her cup of coffee every morning. Well! The major obstruction pertaining to suede shoes might not only be the back-breaking task to clean them but how to keep them miles away from any sort of dirt. Since they don’t gel well with any genre of debris, be it moisture or smut. The material soaks up small particles that lodged easily in it with the gruelling habit of absorbing moisture. The outcome leaves the suede shoes dirty that tend to look worse over time. Let’s gather up some nitty-gritty tips to give them that pristine look back in no time.

Image showing cleaning of suede boot with the help of brush

Suede Cleaner

Suede shoes are meant to be cleaned and conditioned every now and then, considering there “I am so fabulous” attitude, which often results in huge cleaning bills. To lessen up the stress of this wearisome task, suede cleaners are formulated specifically for cleaning suede shoes. These cleaners are designed to condition the material to its softer state and to cleanse it, giving it a more immaculate look than before. You just need to brush the suede down before applying the cleaner. Spray it over the affected areas and wipe it down with a dry cloth. Conclude with a suede brush or clean toothbrush to give that bounce back to your suede shoes.

Suede eraser named Saphir shown in image

Suede Eraser

These erasers are designed just to make your task easier and more convenient. These erasers glide smoothly over the material, removing the spots and stains on the way, making it clean in no time. Do try.

Frozen tan Suede boots shown in image

Freeze Them up

Certain spoilage such as gum, food stains and certain unidentified substances can give you a tough and laborious job if done without little assistance. Freezing your suede can help you get rid of such debris. Place them in the freezer for several hours — they need to look like “white walkers”. Then gently scrap off the unremitting debris, which is partially easier to remove now at this temperature than before.

Suede Protectors

Brace yourself in advance, before the hell broke. A suede protector staves off such foes as oil and water, helping to put off spots, stains, scuffs and damage that challenges to turn your salvaged pair into a sorry farewell. Some suede protectors come with this amazing feature to help shelter them from sun damage.

A man using pencil eraser to remove stains from his suede shoe.

At Times of Emergency

What to do in the moments of where there is no Suede cleaner, protector or eraser insight? Grab a pencil and get rubbing. The eraser might not do wonders, but it will help put behind unsightly spots. But bear this mind that it certainly won’t work on old, faded stains.