How to pick the apt Lip color for Darker Skin Tones

Face of a girl with perfect nude makeup

It’s a matter of fact that you can’t match every lip shade with your skin tone. Ah! With the wide range of colours and formulas, it’s a hefty and infuriating job to filter through mile long beauty aisles. And when you facet in your skin tone and colour, there are lot of other things to master too. From snatching out harmonious colour for your skin to testing out varied shades before you actually put one in your basket. Let’s navigate through some simple tricks to choose right lip colour for strong coffee coloured skin tones.

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Comprehend Your Undertone

You may have inclination towards certain shades of lip colour or you are drawn to some particular tones on the beauty shelves, but it’s essential to first realize your skin’s undertone before making a decision. Stick to a quick rule of thumb, if your skin displays green undertones, you fall into the warm colour category, and if it has blue undertones, then you fall into the cool one. This must be the core factor when picking out the fresh lipstick shades. For warm undertones holder go for blue-hued lip colour and cool undertone ones snatch orange hued lip colours. Once you able to apprehend where you stand on the undertone spectrum, choosing a perfect lip colour will be a piece of cake.

Image showing how to analyse your understone and in which category you fall i.e. cool, neutral or warm

Choose Right Colours

Mastering you skin tone is a block towards building a right lip shade, but there are still few areas that need to be taken care of when it comes to selecting the most complementing lip colours. Whether you’re warm category player or a cool, it’s also critical to know what works when and what doesn’t. Going crazy with nude could make your lips look dry, while bright colours look appealing against darker skin tones.

Nudes: When you opt for nudes don’t go too deep into it, keep it at a brighter side, or it will look you have pasty lips. Mix it with either a plum raisin colour or a dark red-burnt orange colour

Plums: For dark skin colour people, plum-coloured lipsticks are a complete win-win. Just like red lip colour, plum ranges from bright to darker tones.

Bright: Don’t run from fun, goady, bright lip shades. They complement perfectly against darker skin hues and also look magnificent when you are aiming to create a stand out lip look.

Multiple Shades Testing

The best technique to find that perfect shade for your lips is to test out several different lipstick shades. But before you start applying lip colour for testing, apply a drop of foundation base on the lips to give a neutral ground to your lipstick and “to get most shade out of the lip colour”. Testing lip shades directly on your lips is a great way to find your perfect match instead of testing it on the back of your hands. Trial is important to grab that perfect lip shade.

girl showing before applying lipstick, we should apply foundation or concealer to create even base for lips 

If you’re still confused try these 15 flattering lip shades that’ll look stunning on Darker Skin Tones.

· Neon Orange

· Warm Brown Nude

· Magenta tinged-plum

· Semi-matte purple

· Bright Cherry Red

· Brownish Rose

· Saturated Pink

· Satin Finish Raisin

· Pale pink

· Deep Burgundy

· Tangerine

· Warm Metallic

· Matte Violet

· Peony pink

· Plum Rose

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