Necklace vogues for very Neckline

Image showing heavy chunky jewellery worn by a girl

Confused on what necklace to carry with which Neckline? Your choice of necklace will you decide whether you able to able to pull off the look or failed miserable. Let’s look at the varied necklines people carry effortlessly and what complements best with them.

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Turtle Neck — team up with expanded necklaces.

A girl wearing blue tutrtle neck top paired up with wide necklace and bangles

Crew Necks — goes with shorter and leaner necklaces preferably collars, High necks or bib styles.

girl wearing crew neck top accessorised with embellished collar to give a trendy look

Scoop Necks — fill in the left out space with multiple strands of beads, or a big chunky pendant will bring about the whole look.

girl wearing a scoop neck top accessorised with a big chunky necklace to give whole new look to the boring tee.

Strapless — Chokers, short pendants and single strands will give more highlight to your bare décolletage.

Girl wearing a strapless black dress paired up with a black choker to highlight bare neck

Square Necks — Go with angular finish pendants or necklaces to augment with the tailored angular neckline.

girl wearing a square neck dress accessorized with an angular pendant

Asymmetrical Neckline — Being asymmetric itself. These necklines complement best with necklaces, pendants or strings that aren’t symmetrical.

Girl wearing asymmetrical top paired up with an asymetrical necklace

Halter Necks — these necklines end up forming V-necks, so look for necklaces or pendants with sharper ends.

girl wearing an halter neck jumpsuit accessorised with chains and pendants with shar ends.

V Necks — depending upon the width of the neck, go for something with sharper ends to match and complement best.

girl wearing ‘V’ neck blue dress accessorised with an angular necklace or chains

Collared Shirts — since there isn’t much space for something wider, go for chokers or long chained pendants landing just above the last button of the shirt.

girl wearing a yellow cardigan over a shirt accessorised with a long chained cross

Boat Neck — a long string pendant with small beads is enough for this neckline.

girl wearing grey boat neck dress accessorised with long string pendant necklace

Cowl Neck — Since this neckline is already voluminous and detailed, a chunky or heavy pair of earrings will keep the focus on both the areas separately

girl wearing a white cowl top accessorized with heavy earings to enhance the look

Sweetheart — Curvy, detailed, embellished necklaces will do well to balance the open décolletage of this neckline.

Image showing sweetheart neck accessorised with embellished necklace
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