Placement Stories: Bank of America

It’s been about 40 days since the placement season kicked off at VIT University, I had attended the process of various companies but failed to qualify past the second round. Placements were happening every weekend when I usually go home.The online selection test for bank of america happened Friday morning after which I immediately left for home. Even though the test was easy I assumed the worst but luckily I got shortlisted for the second round. I had to catch the 6:00 AM Shatapdi from chennai to reach my University by 8:00 AM so that I could attend the selection process at 8:30 AM. Since there were about 200 candidates shortlisted for the morning batch, the process took some time and I used that time view the LinkedIn profiles of the employees at BA continuum. I had also sent connection requests to a few of them. I waited for about 2 hours before being called into the PAT office with my resume for the interview process. The person who was about the interview me was the same person I sent a connection request on LinkedIn and he had viewed my profile too. This got me excited and worried at the same time. The interview began on a rather positive note as he asked me to introduce myself and to rate my resume skills on a range of 1–5. Then came the technical part involving data structures and OOPS. I told him that I was interested in data science and even though I have studied the basics of Data structures, I am not very good with Object oriented programming languages like C, C++ (PYTHON FOREVAAAA ❤️).

The interviewer then tested my basics by asking me to design a parking system using classes and asked me what data structure I would use to solve the problem. I went with trees and told him how I would define classes based on the number of wheels, i also told him the I would use inheritance for different types of four wheeler(LMV,SMV) and two wheeler(BIKE,SCOOTER) based on their weight. I think he expected something else as he didn’t seem very impressed but accepted my solution. He then asked me my strength and without second thoughts i told him Python. he then asked me to accept a csv file as input and filter based on column values which I easily solved using pandas. He then looked at my certifications and my projects and moved on to ask questions pertaining to my projects. He asked me what a blockchain is and I told him that its a glorified linked list(Thank you Siraj Raval) and then he asked me why don’t we used a database that works as a linked list for which I told him about the hash functions used to connect blocks unlike linked list which uses pointers and the merkel tree based structure of the blockchain. He smiled and asked me to study data structures as it never changes with time whereas technologies like blockchain may fade with time. I accepted his advice and thanked him.

I then had to wait for the results which they announced rather quickly. I was selected for the second technical round (YAY) and waited again for about an hour. I then met with this nice lady who asked my questions about the internship project (A django based crime analytics application) she also asked me about my CGPA (8.77), my 12th mark and my 10th mark. She was impressed with my school performance as I had secured 98 and 94 percentage. I was then asked some basic technical questions involving recursion and stacks. I solved them pretty easily after which I was moved to the HR interview.

For the HR interview, I knew a friend who had just completed the round, he told me that the HR asked him about the CEO of BOAF and other company related questions so I immediately googled evething I needed to know about BOFA. I then went into the HR room and just slammed facts upon facts about bank of america and it impressed the HR. I had prepared to answer generic questions like what are your strengths and weakness ?, why do you want to work here? and all that. I came out of the HR round pretty confident.

I waited from 2 PM to 10 PM in a room waiting for the results and after 8 hrs of binge watching sacred games, they told me that I got the gig. I was obviously happy but more than that I was tired. I had not eaten anything since morning except two packets of biscuits. I signed the offer letter and left home to sleep.

It was tiring day but at the end it was all worth it

This is how I got my first REAL job offer (11 August 2018)

My friend got placed with me too😁