Andy Cohen is able to get away with invasive and explicit questioning which, if it came from a straight man, would undoubtedly be viewed as harassment. For example, in 2015, he asked Nicki Minaj: “Who has the biggest dick in the music industry?” Minaj politely responded that she did not know because she had been in a 10-year relationship. Afterwards, he asked to take a selfie with her butt, which she declined.
Andy Cohen and the Gay Male Gaze
anna dorn

I deal with stuff like this on sets all the time and while the majority of people are laughing, kissing cheeks with their “new besties”, there are women on the set that feel jolted or outcast becasue they are uncomfortable and feel they can’t say anything from fear of not fitting in with the crew.

It’s a huge problem, as I’ve watched women get passed over for jobs while the crass “male gaze” takes precedent.

It’s not allowed when I’m directing, I promise you that.

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