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As a matter of first importance let me offer a concise diagram of the framework before I go ahead to address my Google Sniper dissensions.

Live Rank Sniper Review was propelled in 2009, is still a standout amongst the most prevalent partner showcasing items accessible today. This framework was created by master George Brown, and is essentially a progression of video instructional exercises on the most proficient method to fire up your own particular partner sites utilizing specialty promoting.

The official site for Live Rank Sniper reveals to you next to no data on what it really is. Indeed, the framework itself is exceptionally reminiscent of a great trick page — a one page site with a special video, with almost no other data other than a choice to purchase the framework.

It abandon me to ponder, why is George Brown not informing anything regarding his purported great framework inside his site? Wouldn’t he need to furnish potential clients with more helpful data and support before they bought it?

Geniuses versus Cons.


Shows you the rudiments of web advancement and specialty showcasing

Learn catchphrase inquire about procedures and how to target “low hanging organic product” watchwords

My dissensions about Live Rank Sniper

The issue with downloadable projects like Live Rank Sniper is the data rapidly gets to be distinctly obsolete. Despite the fact that the program has been refreshed since its discharge in 2009, regardless it is utilizing obsolete methods that place a lot of significant worth on EMD (correct match spaces). While EMD still are set in high remaining with web indexes like Google, they don’t hold so much weight as they once did. The primary concern is regardless you require substance to rank.

The Sniper framework depends on building one pager sites, these sites have almost no substance, however are intended to rank for low hanging natural product catchphrases to get movement. This may at present work, however my worry is it won’t keep on working as Google keeps on refreshing their calculation. I think over the long haul, expert sharpshooter destinations will hold less and less esteem.

It doesn’t accompany any extra devices. Will need to supply your own particular spaces and facilitating, and the expert marksman framework requires you claim numerous areas. That could get very expensive when you consider facilitating every one of them.

It doesn’t offer support. Live Rank Sniper won’t walk your hand through this. You are all alone.

It’s costly ($47 month to month) thinking of it as doesn’t accompany about anything other than video preparing. Contrasted with different projects out there that offer increasingly and of better quality, it’s overrated.

Numerous grumblings of individuals never accepting their cash back when disappointed with the framework.

In conclusion, I truly don’t care for the way they publicize and the official site deals page, It’s quite recently exceptionally scummy in nature.

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