Bsc Radiotherapy Scope in India 2017–2025

What is the course all about?
A study in radiotherapy is no doubt a lucrative one being one which cares for people’s health. Radiotherapy is a paramedical science that uses ionizing radiation in the treatment of cancers and other malignant tumors. It is also called radiation therapy and is often shortened likewise as RT. It is a treatment that utilizes energy from radiation to destroy or prevent harmful cells from further spreading. With radiation therapy and combination with chemotherapy, all manner of cancerous cells such as breast cancer, cancer of the blood, cancers of the skin, brain and other tumors are controlled. A Bsc in radiotherapy is an undergraduate study that lasts for at least three years in India’s colleges and top Bsc Radiotherapy College in Bangalore city.

Course is ideal for which kind of students
For every course of study, passion is the driving key to having a successful career. If you are passionate, love taking care of people’s health and loves the hospital atmosphere, then this is a course you can study for a fulfilling career. A good grade in biological sciences or having a 10+2, that is, a post-secondary school leaving certificate or its equivalent is enough to give an admission into starting the course in radiotherapy. In Indian schools, many of the colleges take three years to complete the course which has both theoretical and practical classes that are handled by the best of hands in the field.

Career opportunity after course
For a graduate in radiotherapy, the career opportunities are in numbers for you to decide where you’ll be taking your practice to. You may want a career in the hospital or help to train other aspiring radiotherapists like you by going into teaching. You can work as a lecturer or teach in schools and colleges. You can work as radiation oncologist, radiation therapist, nuclear medicine technologist, Dermatological consultant and a technologist in radiotherapy and much more. With growing need for medical treatment both home and abroad, a radiotherapist will sure need to choose from a number of offers coming his way. The future for this course of study is bound to continually increase in the year 2017 down to 2025 and beyond. It is a field you can diversify your practice among private and public companies by working as a freelancer for those calls requiring part time employment.

Salary scale in India for fresher and experienced
The salary for an entry level radiotherapist just graduating as a student from the top Bsc radiation therapy college in Bangalore and from other places around the world but willing to ply their service in India is competitive. For the fresh graduate with a Bsc in radiotherapy, it is in the average of Rs 840, 000 per annum and the more experienced worker stands to earn far higher than what is paid to a fresher per annum.

Top 10 Companies hiring after the course
If you are in search for a job in radiotherapy field after graduation from the college as a Bsc holder starting with Bangalore city, Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd is a place to start looking out for an offer. Adster medcity is another company which gives offers to both new and experienced workers.

Here are the top 10 company lists:
1. Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd
2. Adster medcity
3. GMC Jammu
4. Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital
5. Cactus Global
6. Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital
7. Ex-servicemen contributory health scheme
9. IBA
10. Tata memorial center

Many more placements are often available in government hospitals, and private establishments. You can go for lecturing jobs in top Bsc radiotherapy college in Bangalore. You can yet get jobs outside the shores of India with better pay packages.

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