You are that

when i traveled through the Universe,
when i crossed the galactic Oceans,
and when i slept through the Space,
little did i care about how i looked,
how i felt,
and what i achieved.

i listened to the sound of inter-galactic musings,
i witnessed the collision of heavenly bodies,
i felt the tremor of birthing Suns
i choreographed numerous bigger bangs
little did i care about the results,
how it would turn out,
who would it please.

when the bubbles,
emerged and burst — formed and evaporated
through the ether,
little did i care about life,
or its demise,
or its resurrection,
amidst the chorus of ever expanding horizon,
asteroids and the dust,
everything looked beautiful 
to me, 
asteroids and that blue dot were the same,
are the same,
for they all are but nature.

when i found myself,
i founded the Universe.
when i found myself,
i stopped looking elsewhere.

13 Apr 2015, Kathmandu