I love yoga

I love yoga.

It is a phrase that anyone who knows me or has met me hears on a regular basis. My friends know about chakras, balance and many other yogic things because I seem to live and breathe yoga since September and the start of teacher training. I think it may have started before that but they don’t complain. I just read an article on the 10 things that happen in teacher training and I could identify with each one, especially about practicing more yoga than I ever thought I would or feeling stressed because there is SO MUCH to learn. But it was comforting to know that this seems to be a normal part of becoming a teacher.

We just concluded “mid-terms.” A halfway mark with no test but to me, it did feel a bit like a test. I had been stressed about finding the time to practice and meditation has eluded me. It was a very intense weekend of assists, continually practicing either the assist or the sequence so someone else could practice their assists. I was so sore and I ached….my aches had aches.

But yet, my soul still yearns for more. What is kundalini yoga, tell me more about mudras, read more, read more, learn more. Then we will have a training weekend and I will feel overwhelmed. My body aches but my soul sings.

Although I am not finished yet with the training, I know that this has been a very positive, profound transition in my life…..a “door knob” that has opened a door into something greater to quote the article I just read…..If you are considering becoming a teacher or signing up for the living like a yogi, you won’t regret that decision. It isn’t easy. But nothing that is worth the effort is ever easy but it is certainly worth it. You will discover muscles that you didn’t know existed….yeah, your body will ache but your soul will sing.

by Heather Sharar (currently in Sangha Yoga’s 250 hr teacher training)