Application’s future: Progressive App Designed by Javascript

What’s the future of application? Most people agree to app would be applied all kinds of OS. Not just android, iOS. There are so many platform to invoke apps(Windows, Linux, Chrome…). For a long time, we call it as ‘Hybrid Apps’ which means their source code were hybrid. Xamarin using C# and native language, Java or Object-C. Cordova and Phonegap used HTML base coding. Their code use web-view components, so if developer wants to apply genuine function or method from specific platform, native codes were added. This why we called it as Hybrid.

2. JavaScript World

But nowadays changing has came. Through JavaScript(JS) progression, developers can make it on the JS. JS can be utilized all shape of development. With following ES6(ECMAScript6) which is JavaScript Standard for every browser, JS is more stable and reliable on various browser and devices. Also, Node.js is the game changer . It fulfilled JS as all type application platform basement. Paypal, Facebook, Google and tremendous companies have changed their server to Node.js. Many report presents Node.js provides more capacity with less computing power and easy to development. Now JS developer can make server with powerful basement of Cloud computing. And through Express.js which is Node.js famous module, we can control server-client channel. Front-end side is more variable. JS basically made for front-end, so there are so many things to use. React Native developed by Facebook conjugates all platform through JSX components.

3. Progressive Apps

Future application don’t need app store or play market. Because we don’t have to through Progressive app. Progressive app is basically web app. Which means it’s friends of JS, HTML, CSS, etc. Progressive apps don’t have to install. You can use it on browser or add it button to direct connection icon with your device. This is example.


You can download it on Play store. Or use it on browser. But when you have visited couple of times on browser with your smart phone, you would see this.

The button provide view removed tap bar. This works like ordinary native app but we didn’t install. Like Flipboard, progressive app will be more built and their technical base will be JS.

4. Performance

For a long time, HTML based hybrid app rejected from developers because of performance. Especially, there were barriers to mimic native apps. But with React Native, it’s easy to build multi-platform application, performance and fast build time. And I believe React Native quite reflect well modern develop style. Re-use is important. Because people use various OS, browser and environments. World using Internet as different speed. Some countries has infrastructure to send data 10Mb/sec but others have less.

5. Conclusion

Application and development style always changing. Africa, Central Asia and all of the world use apps. Public apps will need more lighter model and no installation. If you want to be progressive developer or startup, I want to suggest JS based app for all platform.

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