Hard Work Is The Key To Success

I still clearly remember the motto of our school — “Hard work is the key to success.”

And we could find this motto printed everywhere in the school. From the class room wall to the restroom wall to the front wall of our text book and text copy. However, nobody really bothered to explain the true meaning of this motto to anyone. May be everybody thought everybody knew about what it stood for. Or, may be nobody actually knew the true meaning of it to be able to explain it in the first place. Or, may be because I didn’t bother to ask the question, I didn’t get the answer. Anyway, whatever the case might be, I realized the true meaning of this motto quite recently. And I was shocked to realize how simple it was and yet how complicated it was at the same time. That is how all the truths actually are — paradoxical in nature.

Let me first explain briefly about what I understood about this motto back then when I was a kind. Of course, I was naive back then and so was my understanding. Whenever I read the word ‘Hard Work’, only one image came into my mind and the image was of an old man working in the field in the scorching sun light. That was what hard work was all about to me. I couldn’t describe hard work in any other ways, terms and definitions. My thinking was limited, my understanding was limited, my horizon was limited. I perceived things with a very narrow vision. And there were all sorts of reasons for that and I don’t want to waste time talking about it.

The other reason why I wasn’t able to understand the true meaning of my school motto was because I couldn’t relate it with my real life. Since, all that word ‘hard work’ produced in my mind was the image of an old man toiling in the field in the scorching sun, I just couldn’t relate to the image at all. I just told myself that I am not gonna be a farmer when I grow up, so this principle of hard work doesn’t really apply to me. I could relate the word ‘hard work’ only in terms of physical actions. Back then, to me, hard work meant flexing your physical muscle, carrying heavy stuffs and sweating like crazy. That was all I knew by hard work.

And since I wasn’t particularly a physical kind of student back then, it made more sense at the time to not believe in my school motto and dismiss it as a result. If only my school motto was a little different, I would have believed it and tried my best to implement it in my life. For instance, if the motto was, let’s say — “Being smart is the key to success.” I am one hundred percent sure I would have looked for ways to be smart. Since I was someone who was interested in reading and writing literature from a very young age, I am sure, I would have been able to relate it with my life and understanding it would have become much easier. So, as a conclusion, I never learned to work hard until recently.

Back to the present moment…

It wasn’t until I started listening to Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Grover, Dr. Jordan Peterson, Jocko Willink, Joe Rogan, and David Goggins when I realized the importance of real hustle, grind and hard work. And, I highly recommend all my readers to read, listen and watch them as often as possible because I can tell you this much that listening to them have transformed me in ways I can’t even explain. Listening to them on a daily basis, I learned that nothing can replace hard work and effort. Hard work is not optional. Period. You, of course, need talents and tenacity and other important qualities but your hard work will give them the form and shape and result you want.

Now, let me relate my understanding to my present situation. Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a writer. I have already written in my previous blog about what inspired me to write and how did I feel when I first published my work in the English Daily of Nepal. I have written everything about it in that blog.

So, even though I had found my passion and my dream to be a writer, I had a problem. Even though I felt proud to call myself as a published writer, I had one problem. And the problem was that I wasn’t writing. The problem was that I was lazy about writing. The problem was that I wrote only when I felt like writing. The problem was that I wrote when when I was inspired and motivated and when I was in the right mood. The problem was that I wasn’t consistent. The problem was I didn’t show up every single day to write. The problem was I procrastinated.

And listening to those personalities made me realize that I wasn’t working hard enough. It was when I realized the real meaning of my school motto — “Hard work is the key to success.”

Honestly, I wasn’t doing anything much regarding my writing. I wasn’t reading enough books. I was not disciplined enough to write even a journal on a daily basis. I had planned to write novel for countless times, but I couldn’t force myself to write more than two pages. Indeed, hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle. I had the talent but I lacked hustle. I lacked grind and the hard work.

What is the hustle for a writer like me?

The hustle for a writer is to sit down on the chair and face the blank page of the computer and fill it up in the mentioned time day after day despite every thing. No excuse. Period.

That is what I am trying to do by writing blog on a daily basis. It is my humble way of telling myself that I am working hard. Though I am not in the field, though I am not under the influence of scorching sun light, and though I am not sweating as profusely as I thought I had to to work hard, I am still grinding in my own way, in my own fashion. I am putting in my time, space and energy into writing every single day. This is hard work. This is real hustle. This is real effort. Nothing romantic about it. Nothing fancy about it. And that is how it is supposed to be.

And I want all my readers to do the same thing. Start taking actions. Start hustling. Start grinding. Don’t always wait for the motivation and inspiration to do the things you really want to do, to follow your dreams and passions. Please do that much for me. Because I know that there is nothing more fulfilling than doing what you like on a daily basis.