One Run Can Change Your Day, Many Runs Can Change Your Life

“Running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part that wants to keep going.”
— Unknown

After running for fifteen months in a consistent manner (at least five days a week), I can quite confidently say that it has changed my life. Running has helped me improve every areas of my life in ways I have never imagined before. I am so glad that I have successfully cultivated running habit and now my challenge is to preserve it until the day I die. I want to have life long relationship with running. I want running to be a part of my life style. Heart pumping, muscles burning, feet aching, lungs screaming for air, yes, I run for pure fun. I run to challenge myself. I run to be better and get stronger.

Just like the way I brush my teeth every single day without thinking or worrying a lot about why I am brushing and what will I gain or achieve by brushing regularly; I want to run every single day in the same nonchalant way, without thinking or worrying. After all, what is the point of running if you are running only to get something or achieve something? Isn’t running in itself an achievement? Of course, there are tons of benefits you get after running or doing any kind of physical exercise, but those things will follow as a result. So, it doesn’t make sense to think and worry.

So, what inspired me to run?

Like so many people, I was someone who knew that running was good for health. But it was the kind of knowing that didn’t manifest itself into action. The kind of knowing that was only intellectual and logical. Over the time, what I have realized is that in order to do anything in an organic and consistent manner, one needs to know his WHY. He should first know why he wants to do whatever the hell it is that he wants to do. When you know your why, you will be more self-conscious and self-motivated to take actions. Because it is coming from within you. Nobody told you to do this in the first place. And when you have visions about where you are going, even just the simple process of going becomes much more meaningful and purposeful. There is nothing more rewarding than experiencing the divine feeling of joy when you know you are working towards something bigger than yourself.

Only knowing your WHY is not enough. You have to make sure that your WHY is both logical and emotional at the same time. In the beginning, I had my intellectual WHY. I wanted to run because I wanted to stay fit and live a healthy life. But this was not enough to make me run. I was missing some kind of emotional energy. I wasn’t able to relate my intellectual WHY with my everyday life. My intellectual WHY was too generalized, it wasn’t for me. In the process of looking for my emotional WHY to run, one day, I found a funny picture of two shirtless guys showing off their body. One of them had a very good body, he had six packs and he looked ripped and young and healthy and handsome. Whereas, the other guy had big bulging stomach. He looked old and fat and unhealthy. And the interesting thing is that they were both of the same age. This photo triggered some emotional response in me. Now, I could feel that I should really do something about my health or I will end up being fat and ugly and will be victims of many unnecessary diseases and I will die sooner. Something was happening to me. Some small changes in my thought was taking place.

Soon after this incident, I stumbled upon yet another great story about a nun who started running at the age of 48 and who is now famously known as the Iron Nun. Her name is Sister Madonna Buder. Let me cite what Daily Mail says about her, “Sister Madonna Buder isn’t your average nun, nor your average 82-year-old woman for that matter.This spirited Washington-based senior has completed more than 340 triathlons — 45 of them the notoriously grueling ‘Ironmans’ — and she only started when she was 48.’People often ask me how I train for these kinds of these arduous events,’ she tells Cosmopolitan magazine. ‘And to that I say, “I just boogie.”’ That is the spirit. After reading this story, I knew my emotional WHY was litter more stronger… Soon before I realized I was already running….

So know your WHY. Make sure you know both the logical and emotional WHY of whatever that you want to do. Just knowing something intellectually is not enough and it is not going to help you in anyway. You must know it emotionally as well. Your thoughts have to be backed up by your emotions or vice versa. You should learn to think and feel at the same time. Find your WHY and start RUNNING.

Running has changed my life and I am sure it does the same to you. I will write more about running and share my stories about my progress. Till then, please, all my readers, take care of your health. Do something about your health on a daily basis.