Flipping Funnels: Account-Based Demand Generation with Tony Yang and Jeff Soriano

On this week’s #FlipMyFunnel Blab, we sat down with Tony Yang, VP of Demand Generation at Mintigo and Jeff Soriano, Senior Director of Demand Generation at Offerpop to talk about best practices for account-based sales development outreach. Tony and Jeff got personal about their account-based marketing (ABM) journeys and shared some advice on how to achieve success through sales development.

Watch the video here:

Here are some tweetable takeaways:

We enjoyed Tony Yang and Jeff Soriano on this Blab and can’t wait for their presentations “How Predictive Empowers Your ABM Strategy Throughout the Flipped Funnel” and “My ABM Journey: Don’t Make The Mistakes I Did” at the #FlipMyFunnel B2B Marketing and Sales Conference in Boston on August 11.