Flipping Funnels Weekly: Account-Based Marketing Roundup

Sangram Vajre

It’s been a week since we flipped our biggest funnel at the #FlipMyFunnel B2B Marketing and Sales conference in Boston! We had an incredible amount of support and wanted to thank everyone who participated and helped this event be the largest we’ve ever seen. This week’s roundup is a little treat for those who didn’t have the chance to make it to the account-based marketing (ABM) conference and features the top post-#FlipMyFunnel articles. Check them out here:

1. Top Takeaways from #FlipMyFunnel Boston [Video]

RevEngine Insider shared top five takeaways from #FlipMyFunnel’s Boston birthday bash. Check out this article for the rundown on what exactly #FlipMyFunnel and account-based marketing are, how the concept has grown within a year, and the starpower of the sponsors and speakers who were featured.

Key Takeaway:

My latest take is the market is still very early from a technology and adoption perspective. Companies are already practicing some ABM (e.g. focused emails to top accounts) but the integrated approach across marketing and sales is yet to come. — Jeff Coveney, Founder at RevEngine Insider

2. 20 loosely connected takeaways from #FlipMyFunnel Boston 2016

Zak Pines of Moneyball Marketer rounded up 20 key impressions from his experience at #FlipMyFunnel Boston. He highlighted his favorite sessions, his memorable meet and greet with Scott Brinker, and what hit — and missed — the mark for him as it relates to account-based marketing.

Key Takeaway:

This is the problem that needs to be solved — how companies can most effectively dovetail outbound marketing with inbound marketing to drive customer acquisition and demand generation growth. — Zak Pines, Moneyball Marketer

3. 5 Trends to Watch from #FlipMyFunnel

#FlipMyFunnel panelist Maria Pergolino, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Apttus, has been a part of #FlipMyFunnel since its inception last year and offers amazing insight about the importance of execution and not just strategy. Maria summarized five trends to watch from account-based marketing and #FlipMyFunnel on MarTech Advisor’s blog.

Key Takeaway:

Try, try again with ABM: This one’s simple; there’s no time to get discouraged by failure in the world of Account-based Marketing. The entire field is dependent on evolving your programs, trying new things, thinking outside the box and even failing hard…then optimizing accordingly. — Maria Pergolino, Senior Vice President at Apttus

4. #FlipMyFunnel in Boston — 5 Reasons to Attend

There have been six #FlipMyFunnel conferences in the past year and each has gotten progressively bigger and better. True Influence lists five reasons why it’s important for you to attend if you’re in sales or marketing.

Key Takeaway:

You learn from the thought leaders on the ABM trends, from the visionaries who are giving you their firsthand experience on digital programs. You can learn about sales development techniques, case studies from big name brands, and everything under the sun in regard to ABM. And it’s not just for marketers, the conference boasts its own schedule for salespeople too.

5. Account-Based Everything?

The distinguishment between account-based marketing and account-based everything can get a little tricky. Both of these terms mean different things, depending on the person. Erika Goldwater, VP of Marketing at ANNUITAS reviews a few of the topics discussed at #FlipMyFunnel from MarTech to sales development email dos and don’ts.

Key Takeaway:

Account-Based Marketing isn’t something totally new, it is however, a way to approach targeting buyers differently. Sophisticated marketers have focused on account segmentation for years, however, today’s ABM as presented at #FlipMyFunnel is a way to target accounts across all aspects of marketing from content, data, leveraging MarTec and includes sales. — Erika Goldwater, VP of Marketing at ANNUITAS

6. FlipMyFunnel Follow-Up

Tyler Lessard, Chief Marketing Officer of Vidyard created a cool #FlipMyFunnel follow-up video, highlighting Tyler’s session on Vidyard’s ABM strategy which includes a funky selfie toaster! He also posted a few blog posts to supplement what he discussed during his session.

Key Takeaway:

We could generate more demand at targeted accounts that we all knew we could sell to. We could focus on quality over quantity. And that’s when we discovered the newest drug on the marketing street: ABM. — Tyler Lessard, Chief Marketing Officer at Vidyard

7. #FlipMyFunnel Revolution: Turning the sales funnel on its head

To wrap up this roundup, we’ve included an interesting article from Sigstr and the main takeaways Drew Kelley and his colleagues received from the #FlipMyFunnel conference as well as the connections they made and the overall atmosphere of the event.

Key Takeaway:

Hanging out at our Sigstr booth, we saw more than just standard conference elbow-rubbing, but instead a sort of reunion. Our community has become a family. — Bailey Roberts, Marketing Communications at Sigstr

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Sangram Vajre

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Love #Startups — Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at Terminus, previously Marketing Head at Pardot, Salesforce. Host of the daily #FlipMyFunnel podcast

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