Confessions of a Misogynist
Sean Howard

It is hard to say if I should/shouldn’t give this a heart… mostly because this election has drug me screaming from the sidelines into feminism. I’ve railed against being a feminist for years because largely I think the epithet makes women a “special class” while they’re over %50 of the country. And, I think really I just want everyone to be human first — and I have much disdain/resentment for a lot of what women are socialized to be (I’m not passive, demure and focused on getting a man before giving an opinion). Face it, we train women to talk about shoes not politics. The demographics on social media show this. We create beauty culture and celebrity gossip instead of informed argumentation and ethics. But, damn it if it’s impossible to not speak about misogyny during election 2016. Through the fissures of our fracturing society, the hidden groundwater of a lot of identity-based hatred have begun to seem out and swamp our public. On the good side, we have to see a problem to fix it. On the bad side, post-civil rights identity politics made us look to identity more deeply by sub-groups rather than draw us together as humans. We should be further along. Hopefully, more people look at where their biases are influencing their reason. Thanks.

Also, I was just writing about the election and the culture of misogyny. If you want to check it out: