Uncharted Waters
Daan Spijer

The incremental changes, the slowly rising tides and unseen disintegration of our dreams and integrity. As individuals as well as societies and politicians. These are the things that will erode us. That will tire us. It’s the places that we give up. Because all of these bigger networks of people are, as you say, built of its parts. Of people. And we have to take accountability and realize we make and seek meaning, so that we can not accidentally destroy the things that we need. So that we can, with humility, learn from our mistakes and repair things. So we can see empathetically the similarity in all those books and people around us — and not hurt them. I think that unfortunately many harmful things come from and happen to good people. It’s a sad but necessary truth to realize. The only justice we have is what we make. They aren’t rocks or trees or rules of physics. They are real and have consequence, like in the times you say, because we let them have mass and matter.

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