One thing that comes to mind here.
Tarwin Stroh-Spijer

The TPP is not a horrible evil thing. From a foreign policy perspective, it has problems but its aim to increase “play nice” time with Asia is essential as China rises to be the economic power of the coming era. We have to lay that groundwork now. We have to look at the wise use of slower growth and distributed returns to ensure we don’t end up in an economic hell later. But, you’re correct that the TPP could use reform — including higher corporate accountability and taxes/penalties for offshoring funds, avoiding taxes, etc. The corporate moguls are little more than mercenaries scaring passing ships at this point. We’ve done that. Now that we made our golem corporation, we need to reduce its autonomy and make it more accountable as it becomes more entity.

Scary we’ve stopped having the conversation in the public about corporate entities. We’ve just accepted these titans and their special rules. Let’s hope that like all mythical monsters, they are eventually used as scary lessons and caged.

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