I think it’s actually the opposite thing that has created this.
Tarwin Stroh-Spijer

You are right. Absolutely right. And I stand importantly amended. The news was less one sided and we all had a common set to speak about. The laws used to require the press (that fourth branch of government) to provide time for both sides of an issue. Hell, we talked about issues at some point. Now, we throw cartoon poop at each other and shout and shout.

I meant, more articulately, that we have limited way to speak outside of the echo chambers and into “the public”. And the public is a fundamental protection and defining space of a democratic people. No one is having the same conversation — a truly (inclusive) public discourse — that can allow voices to come together. We have self-selected channels and online communities. That was already a problem based on homogenous geopolitical boundaries. But now, we can’t even see each other.

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