Karma Refuel Grandfather Program FAQ

This entire FAQ post has ZERO mention of the original goal of “Karma”, which was: pay for some bandwidth, share your WiFi connection with others, and in return, accrue additional bandwidth and help generate new leads for Karma. No strings attached.

Alas, it seems the company has finally realized their business model isn’t sustainable and must pivot.

“It is important to note that Karma is charged for access to the data networks through monthly recurring charges, whether our Refuel customers use those networks or not.”

Yeah, that sounds pretty grim…but that’s your problem, not your customers’.

Being a customer since the first generation device, having endured the multiple hardware delivery delays, and the original terrible Sprint network…I was hoping to see new innovations from Karma on the now stable network. But it’s sad to see a business completely give up on its original mission.

The $2.95 RGP monthly charge easily represents one of the lowest monthly charges for any program or service in the mobile data industry.

That may be true but without an equivalent change to your “karmic” data sharing and data accruing model, Karma is now nothing more than a redundant mobile phone plan. There was something compelling about the original “Karma” concept…and I think a lot Karma users went out of their way to pull out a separate device and go through the extra steps to connect. But now that “strings are attached”…I don’t know what would compel me to continue to use Karma, rather than to just tap on the mobile phone already on the table and turn on tethering/hotspot…for no additional cost.

In the words of my 18 month old son: “Bye bye”.

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