Mathematical Proof That the Lightning Network Cannot Be a Decentralized Bitcoin Scaling Solution
Jonald Fyookball

Jonald would have something if he would ignore something like the internet which routes packets using basically a similar network structure. You can have graphs and a distribute set of graphs. You can fix problems of looping by using spanning protocols that find the shortest path and thus don’t go down loops. Ethernet networks are vast, lightning fast and have to use various methods to optimise and redirect packets to the fastest pathway. They work … on small scale, medium scale and then you join all those together and you get “the internet”. So if you follow Jonald’s logic … you would think that the internet is broken too … but it is not. There are solutions in packet switching networks and payment channels will just be something that will as a network will adopt similar solutions. It will be just one application layer and it might only need to take 80% of transactions before other layers spread out to take another vast amount of transactions and you get scaling.

Multiple layers, multiple inter-operable protocols are how the internet scaled. From where you are in the network it will always apparently fan out from your node into a graph. You can simply find one lightning network hub, decided to trust it to whatever financial level is acceptable and put some of your transactions through and you have achieved scaling.

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