It’s okay to love!

Today I was watching ‘bajirao mastani’ a very successful movie of bollywood. The movie contains a message of love that love sees no religion, love itself is a religion and whoever follows it steps in a whole new world. A world where there are no boundations of ‘sanskriti’ (culture), no chains of religion. It was a beautiful message. A message of humanity, of love,of the innocence of true relationships.

We are watching such movies or reading such stories for so many centuries now that they seem uncountable. Romeo juliet, heer ranjha, sohni mahewal, bajirao mastani and many more. Each one giving a message that it’s okay to fall in love, it’s okay to cross lines of religion or caste for love, it’s okay to love somebody who is poor, it’s okay! It completely is okay. But it’s not okay to die in love. Two people whose only fault is to love each other overlooking the bondaries set by this world. In every story I have mentioned above the society has ended as a culprit and love always wins. You know history has a lot of wisdom but only if we are willing to learn from it.

Society will remain stubborn to its boundaries of religion and caste no matter how many people die because of it.

It’s not about dieing even. When a child is born in a family. He or she inherits the legacy of religion and caste. He or she has to do whatever they are asked to. Perform all the rituals without any questions. A child is so innocent that he or she adapts to it. This is the first chance of selecting a family and choice of life he or she wants. This decision is not in his or her hands. Later when you make friends, fall in love you get another chance to build your life according to your choice then again this is taken away with a simple plain statement

“We are your parents, we know the best for you. And this is not it!”

If your partner is well settled and quite able then what else is required?

It’s true nobody cares for you as much as your parents.

Decisions of parents matter alot but when they got swayed by views of society then they are not their decisions. Their decisions get tainted by society.

In india to fall in love is easy but to get settled with your love is a lot difficult. First you need to prove that you can stand on your feet and take wise decisions. Then you need to make sure that your partner does that too. Then you need to make sure that your family likes him. Then your family should like him too. You must be thinking that’s all one needs but wait, there is more. You need to make sure that all your ‘samaj’ accepts that relation. Then all your stars should match. And then at the end if any love is left after that then you can marry each other and lead a happy life.

Being in love is like fighting a war with your society, people who matter to you least and the sole reason of maximum breakups of true relationships.

Some people try to flee away to escape all these problems and live happily which is wrong. Face it or it will chase you till your last breath.

So for all the couples out there , it’s okay to fall in love, it’s okay to dream a perfect life, it’s okay to make a choice for you self, it’s okay to confront the society, it’s okay to live like you want to unless you break a law.

And for the society out everywhere, it’s okay to keep your big nose out of every one’s life, it’s okay to let other people live, it’s okay to let them take their decisions, it’s okay to stop cribbing about your religion, it’s okay to breathe in the air which is free from all the religions and caste crap.

Religion is meant to unite everyone not segregate. So my true religion is love and its slogan is

Live And Let Others Live!