My Strength Story

It is a story about last year when I went to Karachi for Taekwondo Championships 16. My friend was alone who was participating in weight above 60 Kgs, she convinced me to go with her. I got ready to be her partner in this journey. In start I had to do one month training because of which I got cramps in my body and bear severe body pain. From which I learnt that, “Yes sania! you can bear this physical pain”. Now move towards the competition, a night before my competition, me and my friend were practicing and a very bad accident happened I got my right foot hit by the corner of wall, and my fingers and toe of right foot get injury. I cried a lot but after sometime when I was able to walk, I started practicing again and unfortunately this time got injury in my left foot, hit by bed this time. But this time I did not cry I just bear that pain which was more severe than the first. This time I just realized that I could bear this pain too. On that day I realized my strength that how much pain I can bear.

On next day I was in my fighting ring and was nervous because my opposition was a Black belt champion, from Punjab University. I just set out a strategy that how can I save myself from more injuries and pain, rather than winning or losing. I just kept running in the ring and tried continuously to dodge her. Ultimately when she got tired I just kicked her and made the points.

It was really a worst but a nice experience for me. An experience of severe pain and happiness. And got the title of ‘Shair’ from my teachers and couches. On that day I realized my strength and power, and capability of bearing pain.

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