3. Activity: Khudi and Self Learning through your own Blog

I have read the auto biography of Edhi Sb and as mentioned in example “As my friend laugh at me on my big plans. They began to call me “Sheikh Chilli”a legendary character with no more action. My friend said to me think little and little. But in my life I never discourage because I think I can begin small but why should I think small.”

This was Edhi Sb concept but here I want to relate my life example with the Edhi life example, when I was in matric my parents said to me leave the study and focus on house activities ,because in rural areas found a little concept of education. But when I was waiting my result, I said to my parents I will take admission in college and continue my study. And my mother said to me, think with reality and don’t think in dreamy world no one will permit you to go to outside for study. But I have belief that I will go it was that because I think positive and optimistic .And after a struggle Alhamdulillah I am in university and doing Msc and I am the first girl in my family that came to university level. I think this was that I believe in myself that I will go outside for the study. When a person have a self-belief and that and think positive then he could act according to thoughts in a smart way.

Benje could talk about how Edhi sb #just started by giving 1 paisa each day to someone in need, in this way the actual problem comes when a person stuck in one point and said no no…I should not start now because I have not sources and if I do it may be it will be right or wrong. But according to my point of view we should take a step, because if we don’t we will not forward and waste the time.

One thing more that I want really like the in Edhi example when his father gave him a advise never “No labor is insult, the lowest form of the dignified and worthy of respect”. Just respect the others and do smart by thinking vast and think as you can without limitation.

2nd Part Just Start Project

I can say it’s like project because it’s a challenge for me to sleep on time and sometime I never take a full sleep that is necessary for me. And I am going to pending to sleep on time due to the other activities.

And I want to overcome this because it creates a health issue for me as well as disturb other activities.

I have faced many challenges like my study and most important is mobile use.

When I started it its was very difficult to me but when I was committed with me that I will do, it was good experience to sleep on time and wake up on time. Life looks like normal life.

I learn from this experience this was just pending due to lack of my interest and other technological activities. But when I start it with interest, I done it and now I am relax.

The next step of mine is to set a timetable, manage all the work in day time, and take a sleep on time so I look fresh. When I will take in steps means Firstly will set the mind that I should sleep in every situation, turn off the mob or laptop and trying to sleep.

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