Amal’s principal’s , Edhi’s life inspiration and my own story!

Edih Shb Example: He want to help poor people but their friends make fun of them he was want to make a factory where needed people do work but their friends don’t believe on him…

My example: same as i have an example in my life and this is honest i’ll write all true. Once upon a summer day i was very thirsty and suddenly i thought govt should plan about water electronic coolers placed in few areas where everyone drink cold water then a question raised in my mind .. Hey Govt????? never hopped from them. Then i thought why i can’t do this work on my behalf but a problem raised into my mind that i m alone. I thought about my friends when i talked with them they laughed at me and said no dear we can’t fulfill our dreams i really feel embarace they said how can do this work we are girls i said no matter what gender we have we can do everything but they don’t believed. At last i leaved them i planned about it i was put a water color infront of main gate of our uni but i can’t do this work for a long time. i appologies for this.

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