The Excursion of an Impresario- Delivery Chacha

Nashit Iqbal was a graduate from LUMS with a dream to break the stereotype he was born and bred into, with the same motto he began the journey of an Entrepreneur and gave birth to the idea of DELIVERY CHACHA.

It all started with a ceremony he was invited in as a guest to attend his friends wedding, where what he saw was nothing unusual but a typical marriage house, with all the rush and hush push of last minutes arrangements going on, where what he noticed was, that the major part of arrangements were done by females of the house as men were usually busy in bringing things from outside, it gave him the idea of “What if i Could Help Them & so many others like them?” and this was the beginning of Delivery Chacha.

Nashit belong to a well to do family but this didn't spare him from suffering the torments of nature and new startup’s, the early stages of delivery chacha was very tough for Nashit as during the initial deliveries one of the riders died during an accident while delivering goods, this was a major set back for Nashit emotionally as well as financially, loosing one of its employees to such a drastic situation and consoling his family with whatever support he could give in any form.

The episode was a hindrance but not for long, Nashit started the service again with renewed motivation but the new blockage that shook Nashit from the surface to the sky was the untimely death of his father, who other than the sole bread earner was also Nashit’s coach and mentor, he was the motivation behind all obstacles Nashit ever faced. Death of his father shuddered him from the core of his existence and took from him all the inspiration and enthusiasm which he ever had.

Nashit, was not a loser, his father didn’t train a failure but with all the teaching he got from his father and all the dreams his father saw for him gave him the reason to fight all the odds, to trust the Al Mighty as it was a way of making him stronger, to make him able to face his fears to learn from his mistakes and to be what he wanted to be- An ENTREPRENEUR!

Logo of Delivery Chacha

And Delivery Chacha became a full fleshed firm in June 2014, with only one Vision and Mission “To Deliver Anything and Everything from anywhere in Karachi to your doorstep.”With annual sales of PKR 24mn and 70 employees backing the firm, Delivery Chacha is a SUCCESS!! (as predicted by Late Mr. Iqbal Naviwala).

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