My Bootcamp Experience (Day 3)

Wow! Activities in the bootcamp are getting tougher and challenging by the day and I am loving it by the day.

We kicked off today’s activities with a little game, called the ‘Yes-And’ game, a soft skill building game. The game was meant to teach us how to build on conversations, how to encourage people that come up wt ideas and how to be creative by bringing better ideas or improving other people’s ideas. We went on and discussed on the topic- How to make sure our code works? At the end of the discussion, I learnt several ways one can ensure his/her code works correctly and meet the requirements documented before embarking on the project. We were introduced to a new code testing method, called TDD (Test Driven Development). We discussed the pros and cons of the method, and went on to implement a function in Python using TDD method.

I will say today was a bit challenging, but hey that’s what bootcamp is all about — grooming us to be world class developers. And I am enjoying every bit of the experience…

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