A book that every man and woman should read.

Of the few dozens of books that I have read since developing a hobby for reading a couple of years ago, ‘A Room of One’s Own’ by Virginia Woolf has got to be one of the most eye opening and moving of all.

It is an essay by Woolf who was asked to give a lecture on the topic of women in fiction. Thinking about the topic, she comes up with a mind blowing and hard-hitting essay which is sure to shake all your perceptions and myths. The facts and arguments put forth by Woolf are even more depressing when you realize that it is still relevant in our society.

It is the one book that I personally believe that every man and woman should read at least once. This short 100-something page book is what we all need to read to understand the gender inequality in our society which is based on nothing but senseless and age-old beliefs fueled by ego and fear of men.