Letter to a filmmaker.

Dear Filmmaker,

It’s been a while since I last heard from you. I am certain you are busy creating another work of art in your mind right now. Today happened to be just another day of fun and I found myself watching another brilliant movie of yours. It was so beautiful, I must mention. Although, that movie is not the reason for me to write to you today.

The thing is while watching the movie I realised what you people do. I realised it isn’t just entertainment. Oh, let me just begin with this. First of all, what’s fascinating is the effects of your work. Many teens are pumped to work harder by following your craft. Not just teens but adults as well. It’s not just about inspiration though. You lot just keep coming up with different stories that fill our hearts will love, affection and happiness every other time. We all need your craft. Seriously. The mega events portrayed in your work is just mind-blowing most of the times. Larger than lives. A much-needed escape to that fantasy land at times. These fantasy lands are a breath of fresh air. Like spending a day at the beach in summer. Relaxing, listening to waves and warm. What more could we all expect from your work of art?

But most fascinating of your works is the thing that you with our emotions. My oh my, it’s just inexpressible. I am often left amused when I think about how can one make you feel all these emotions so easily? That’s when I realised that as easy as it seems to watch and consume your work, it is nothing but easy to make people feel what you want them to feel. To carry that vision, that perception and then execute it so accurately is just amazing. Be it like watching a movie about a simple father-daughter relationship or about a senior citizen working as an intern. About an athlete or a wallflower, you reach us all.Connect to us all. Sometimes you make us cry and sometimes you leave us amazed. The heroes that you have given to many kids around the world is just uncountable. You are just amazing.

You are an example. An example of perseverance. It takes a lot to follow the idea of creating stories and executing them to perfection to reach millions of people and touch their hearts. It takes guts, passion, perseverance and most importantly belief. You people are examples to everyone. Many will agree about how difficult it is to pursue an unconventional field of work.

Well, my only purpose to write to you today was to remind you that I am waiting for your next project. I am sure you are pulling all the right strings to make it happen again. See ya later.

Yours lovingly,
A fan :)