Tl;dr Product to design products better, faster and scalable

It was June 2014 when Google brought Material Design to the world and got everyone’s attention. Soon after in 2016, Brad Frost coined the term Atomic Design, which laid the foundation of the design system. Atomic Design facilitated the process of breaking down complex components into primitives. It was then when every design-driven organization redefined the process of building their own digital products. Organizations started to design a system serving products as their core strength instead of dealing with the UI nuances. Microsoft launched its design system called Fluent, IBM named…

The design trend has great significance in evolving and revitalizing digital experiences. It reshaped the way we interact with digital products. One such trend is Neumorphism. Neumorphism was coined by Jason Kelley on Michal Malewicz’s medium article “What’s the next UI design trend?”. Soon this created the buzz in the design community and designers started drooling over it.

“Standing on the shoulders of giants” for building better products

While studying about different design systems, I realized that all design systems serve the same function, which is to make the process of building products faster, better and scalable with a cohesive and consistent experience. They all have a pretty common structure and consist of UI Kit, style guidelines, color palette, etc. But each one of them has excelled in different UX functionality which can be learned from them. In this article, I have summarized what I learned from the different Design Systems.

Material Design by Google: Affordance

Starting with the revolutionary design system by google- Material Design. Material is the metaphor used by…

Story of our first D/D Event

The year 2019 ended on an exciting note for us. On December 21st, 2019, we organised our first design meet-up — Driven by Design (D/D) in our office in Mumbai. We received a massive response from the local design community for something that started out as an experiment. This will serve as an inspiration for us to come up with the second edition of the event soon.

Why Driven by Design meet-up?

At Fynd, we believe in exchanging our knowledge and experience to become better at what we do. Being product designers we wanted to encourage this exchange in…


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