Khudi and Self Learning

Autobiography of Wdhi Sb

Edhi Sahib was a great personality and mentor for the next generations. He set a beautiful example of humanity. It is very important to learn from the life of Edhi Sahib how they take initiative to serve humanity. There are a lot of examples of Edhi Sahib which a person can make a basic principal for living their life effectively.

The example which I like the most is that Edhi Sahib as a child got two anas, one for personal use, one to serve anybody. This is a good example, I relate it as that not only money instead whatever you have you should try to share it with others. It can be any skill, or any other thing.

I relate it with my personal life the thing that i tried to share with others was the education. I teach the children and try to give my part to the community. I teach them without hoping any reward or fee from them. I also try to spend time in orphan age home with my friends to share the happiness and some time with these beautiful children. So they can feel happy.

I learn from this example of Edhi Sahib that we should just start or do something positive for the nation instead of waiting for anyone else who take initiative.

Just start Project

I am a reserve and introward personality. I never try to be free and friendly with anybody as much quickly. Sometime at some points I have the need to talk with other person but I preferred to bear loss instead of talking them. It not mean that I have ego problem no, not at all. If anybody talks to me I give them time and behave very well. But I am shy and have reserved nature also have limited friends, I am not as much social.

I never spoke in the class although I was a good student. But I avoid talking. Similarly I never told anybody that what I am feeling, thinking about her. I hate arguing.

But when I move on and attended some conferences or social gatherings, I came to know that communication is very important. Socially active persons also preferred for the jobs too. So I decided to change that habit. Because it’s time to experience new things. I want to improve it as soon as possible that’s why I take it as just start project.

For improving my communication skill I faced different challenges the very first, it was opposite to my nature to communicate anyone who’s you don’t know personally. Secondly, I feel shy and reluctant to doing it. Thirdly, I have limited friend circle and never try to make new friends.

I made some principles to follow them and improve this skill. Firstly, I will try to overcome the resistance or hesitation. Secondly, I will not hesitate to share my ideas, feeling about others, or commenting. And thirdly, I will try to make new friends.

After practicing it I found it quite interesting. Still I am working on it want to improve my communication skills. It was the main skill that I want to learn through Amal Fellowship. I think it’s (Amal Fellowship) helping me a lot.

I learn from it that if you give your time and attention others in return you will definitely found it. My next step is to continue this exercise to improve my communication skill.

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