Practice Happiness to boost your success

What is happiness? Is it important for life? Yes, I said yes it is oxygen of life. Happiness is necessary for the survival in this world. Now you are surely thinking about the resources of happiness that how we can get happiness in the life. There can be different way to get happiness.

According to my point of view if we want to get happiness then we should try our best to be optimistic or think positively. Thinking positive is very important for the life when you take things or situations positively, you surely got best. It is also important for your success in the life. It really encourages you to work hard or to work for others.

Another very important way of happiness is to make other happy, to share yourself with others, give your time to others, and make them happy. It will surely make you happy and satisfied. Try to spend your time with your family, friends or your grandparents. The only money is not the source of happiness that is why we should try to do something for others.

Thirdly a very interesting and my favourite, try to spend some of your time with yourself for your personal satisfaction. It can be some sort of trip with your favourite people or friends. Travel the world try to found out what is happening around you. It really gives you happiness. Read some book or your favourite poetry. It can also help to be relaxed.

Act of kindness really boost your success. Care for needy and helping them is really good act. It is very dear to Allah Almighty. If we see the life of great heroes; than we came to know about their kindness with other. And in those others there is not only human being but also with animals.

Always try to be happy and optimistic. Think positively and also train your mind and heart to see the good in everything. No matter how bad the situation gets, there is always, always, always something to be grateful for…

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