Problem Solving Challenges

Problems are part of life. We should try to accept them as a challenge. To overcome any challenge there can be different strategies. It up to that person; which he selects for himself. In leman language we ask them as fight or flight.

If a person is mentally healthy than he will surly follow fight. Fight not means that fight in which we use our feet to beat other person or kill someone. It means that you are mentally strong and have enough energy to overcome that situation.

You don’t get panic by knowing about the problem instead of this you try to be cool and calm. Think positively and try to find out all possible solution for this problem. By doing this you become a really active, good and strong person.

On the other hand if a person gets panic and follow flight strategy to overcome any may give him satisfaction for some time but it will not good for a long time. So try to overcome all of the problems by applying effective strategy for it.

In our daily life we face different problems we should focus on them and try the best to solve them. There can be different problems or challenges it may be any study related problem or may be some other issue. For example we are doing a project for overcoming the fear of failure by collecting the donation for Edhi Foundation. It really helped to overcome that fear of failure. I learn a lot from this experience the most important point is never give up. And always take things positively and work hard for your dreams or any specific task which you have started. You will be surly succeeded one day.

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