Introducing Legion, the Intelligent Workforce Engagement Platform

I am very excited to share the news of Legion’s company launch and funding announcement. In case you missed it, here is the press release. We are delighted to be backed by Norwest Ventures, who join the existing Legion investment team of First Round Capital, WIN & Ross Fubini.

This is an important milestone for all of us at Legion. Not only have we secured the necessary funds to grow faster but also, we are launching the company today and ready to share with the world what we have worked hard building.

Why Legion? Why Now?

I get asked this question all the time. What compelled me to go from executive leadership positions in publicly traded companies (SAP & Ariba) to building a new company from the ground up? The short answer is I simply had to. The challenges in the hourly workforce space were too large to ignore.

Labor is the big challenge of our times that impacts everyone but in particular the 78M hourly employees in the US, who represent approximately 56% of the workforce. We all know of the age-old issues in the hourly workforce space — high churn (avg. 60%) and the high cost of replacement (avg. $3,200 in retail) etc. However, there are new problems impacting companies in industries such as retail and hospitality, that hire hourly employees in large numbers -

  1. Difficulty retaining & engaging the millennial workforce who seek gig-like flexibility, modern technology, and compelling work options
  2. A flexible & efficient labor model that supports the innovations needed in these industries to better serve their customers today. Innovations like pop-up stores, home delivery & service options, mobile ordering etc.

Ultimately the question comes down to — Can we fundamentally upgrade the jobs for the majority of the US workforce AND allow employers to be efficient and innovative at the same time? Is increasing the minimum wage the only answer, when data shows that majority of attrition is not a result of just pay alone? These questions are important to address because they have a huge impact on economic productivity and employee satisfaction.

How Legion Works

Legion’s mission is to build the platform that enables this transformation. The simple notion of matching work that needs to be done to the best-suited employee who wants it and doing so in a fair, compliant, and efficient manner is fundamental to such a new job economy. Doing this at the scale of entire industries can be very powerful and transformative. Such a platform can provide flexible, efficient ways for employers and employees to engage with each other and enable the future of (a much improved) hourly work. This is the platform that Legion is building.

For matching to be truly awesome, Legion needs to radically improve both sides of the labor equation, supply, and demand. Legion uses advanced machine learning to accurately predict how much work needs to be done, by what roles and skills. These forecasts are fully automated and tailored to the unique attributes of every location. They also take into account external factors that impact customer traffic such as weather, local events etc. Furthermore, Legion uses AI to automatically match these forecasts to the best employees based on a wide variety of factors such as employee preference and skill, productivity, and labor compliance policies. Every business is unique, so these rules are easily customizable to the unique policies and best practices of every customer. Legion’s AI engine continuously learns and improves the matching, resulting in improved optimization and better engagement.

From an employee standpoint, Legion represents an intelligent service that learns their work preferences and personalizes their work schedules to match their priorities.

What’s Next?

As a technologist and someone who has helped build several market leading products, I am really proud of what we have built with Legion. Enterprise software products have gone through a massive transformation in the past 10 years with the transition to the cloud. The revolution of the next decade is enterprise applications that are smart enough to make truly autonomous business decisions. Legion is a great example of an enterprise application that has a “brain” powered by deep machine learning and AI.

The entire Legion team is incredibly excited about the possibilities that are enabled by such a data-driven platform as well as the opportunity to impact the lives and job satisfaction of so many people.

Finally, none of this is possible without the help of a lot of incredible people. Starting with the amazing and fearless Legion team, all of who gave up big jobs to come join Legion’s mission. Thank you to the awesome Philz Coffee team (Jacob, Claire, Carolyn, Francisca, store management, team members) for taking a chance on Legion from day 1. The Philz team worked side-by-side with us as we built Legion and helped make the journey rewarding and successful for everyone. We are thankful to have such amazing customer/partners.

Lots more to come! Onward!