How did Spotpost fall short and why my next is Teemono?

Given that how sad to see my side project Spotpost fell short, I still feel embraced and grateful to everything that had happened during the time I got involved. It took me some time to think about whether or not to log something about it. Perhaps someone stumbles upon this article and learns something out of it and tries not to repeat the same mistakes that I made. Every startups stories are worth to be shared right?

Part-time effort results part-time results

Of course it’s fair to get that small return when you don’t give everything you got. I had many side works at the time I started Spotpost so I couldn’t give my enough focus to it. Even though I felt passionate doing it, other things also want your time. Some says we should learn how to say No in order to do thing that matters the most and I can’t agree more with that.

What is Teemono and why Teemono?

On the surface, is a website that sells custom T-shirt designed by its users.

But beneath that, it’s an alternative advertising platform. It provides brands social channels to expose and be recognized through T-shirts worn by people. With that, brands can opt to use our platform to make their brands more friendly, lively, honest, touchable to people in very cheaper price than traditional advertising channels i.e. Billboard, ad spots, etc.

Teemono also works seamlessly well with other social media platforms especially Facebook to reach more people.

More to come from Teemono

We’ve started off by building community around those who are creative and love designing/creating things, we called them Creators and those who love things personalized for them.

So Custom T-shirt designing tool is the first product we launched. And around that, we’re going to enhance its use by technologies like A.I., AR/VR. But gotta wait till the right time to showcase how they work together with the current platform.

Very exciting time ahead for Teemono.

Have a good one. Cheers!