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Edenchain is a programmable blockchain economy which is on the race to become one of the leading platforms within the economic blockchain niche, following the fact that the company has made all possible research to discover the problems of existing platform and aiming at providing solutions to these problems facing businesses and peer-to-peer economic transactions. Eden hopes to provide a platform with a very fast performance speed which will help eliminate lengthy transaction times and assures safety while clients are transacting. The company itself prides itself as a blockchain which would be able to capitalize and trade all species of assets i.e both tangible and intangible assets. The firm intends to achieve this making use of their programmable Economy platform. Eden intends to harness a smart contract technology which would enable all their users to tokenize intangible and tangible assets which can be used on the site. Smart contract will easily allow the platform to gently integrate FIAT and FOREX economies with virtual economies. This would enable the creation of an economic system in harmony otherwise known as programmable economy. Although there are reasons to consider every new project as this one a lofty goal, the Edenchain team are working assiduously to bring this goal to fruition and believe that they would be able to hand over both a proven program and a fully programmable economy based in the blockchain by the first quarter of 2019 (first four months of 2019).

What Makes Edenchain A Worthy Competitor With Other Existing Blockchain Companies?

Eden can be seen in the limelight as a blockchain of reformation. This is to say that the Advent of Eden marks the beginning of another type of exceptional blockchain. It currently has no competitor within the programmable economy platform. It would also be important to note that their are other ICO’s trying to start up similar projects in the programmable economy but none has come off successful as at this time.

David Furlonger, 2015 the Vice president of Gartner Inc. Proposed the possibility of a slow shift to a programmable economy. This shows that the concept of programmable economy was not even thinkable until the mid-2010’s and even in recent times, have posed major problems against it actualization. Be it as it may, the David Furlonger took into note that the advent of a programmable economy would see the beginning of diverse platforms and from the look of things, Edenchain is set to be the first accomplishment of those words.

The Technical Secret Behind Edenchain Project

Eden prides itself in the ability of the platform to run and perform transactions speedily with a high range of efficiency. Edenchain operates as a permissioned blockchain which runs smart contract on masternodes. This helps the system to ensure steady and fast secure transactions. Non-permissioned blockchains like ethereum run into a lot of problems with backlogs and delayed transactions speed as they run smart contract on all nodes which in turn affects the speed and the safety of the block in question. Eden aims to relief its users of these complications and has put much effort into creating a much faster and safer smart contract. This would allow users to receive tokens speedily thereby eliminating the problems associated with Bitcoin and Ethereum in recent times.

The company also employs a strong technique in their smart contract which in reasoning, would help them accomplish transfer and receipt of tokens in a matter of Seconds. The company has chosen to make use of the Proof-of-elapsed-time alongside the Nakamoto concensus algorithm which would ensure a true random distribution all over the permissioned blockchain. Eden aims to be a very good place to trade with much emphasis on security as exposed by their partnership with SGX Enclave, E-oracle and Namespace.

The main goal of this platform is to provide a programmable economy which is an economic system that makes use of intangible and tangible values with the blockchain power to access an open trading system. This entails that the buyers and sellers meet in a direct contact without the intervention of middle men who hijack the system. This makes the system safer, speeds up transactions, reduces cost of transactions and eliminates wasted profit.

The Edenchain Roadmap

Eden has developed a standard roadmap that will ensure enough time for beta testing of the platform and a broad ICO strategy that will ensure investors and early users the chance to work its kinks before the platform finally goes live. The platform launches its ICO in no time and will be on the look out for clients who would be a part of the dream. The company also plans on the release of the alpha’s of its wallet while also making it clear what its issuance plan is all about. To be expected in the quarter three of 2018 is an announcement of a huge partnership with a notable blockchain network and planning of its second developer meet-up. As regards to software, the Edenchain exchange platform will go into alpha, Edenchain will launch her services, the Edenchain beta will be released and the web wallet will go live.

Next on the line in the Last quarter four of 2018 is the release of the mobile wallet by the software side of the platform. The Edenchain API will be opened and both the custom coin issuance and Testnet platform will be made available to the users. The company is also planning an ICO on Edenchain, a developer gathering for the third time and to publicize another key blockchain partnership.

In the early hours of 2019, the company is planning to converge for a blockchain conference and also to hold a 4th developer meeting and to continue their ICO on Edencoin. The 2019 program for the software sector of this project includes a migration to the cloud, E-oracle launch and Edenchain Optimization Launch.

From the Roadmap, it can be deduced that the team is set to face several challenges but they have drawn a blueprint on how to go about this. The team seem rather aggressive at achieving their goals and just for the mean time, our measure of their willingness to achieve this goal is by taking a look at the goals they achieve within the stipulated time on their roadmap.

Token Distribution

We will take a good look at the EDN token program. They Eden team intend to acquire only $24 million in total with 40% of tokens per sell (1,000,000,000 EDN , 0.06 cent for 1 EDN) which is quite seeming realistic and within limits. They could be collect for a hundred million dollars or more with such a promising project.

Eden Team and Advisors

Eden has a strong team of twelve members on staff with most of her staff holding an impressive number of years spent acquiring experience in the field of blockchain. A close look at the team will expose willingness to work and give the best to the teeming populace who are drawing all sense of interest in the Edenchain dream. The founder of the company is James Ahn and holds a masters degree in software from Korea University and has been in the IT field for over 20 years. Previously Ahn was the chief technical officer for CyberRenassance Inc and served Korean Agency of Technology and Standards. Ahn brings an experienced business and government background to the company that will assist in its adoption within south Korean and the greater Asian Market.

The Co-founder and of the Edenchain company and the head blockchain developer ; Jenny Ryoo is an esteemed developer who holds a master’s degree from Dongguk University and has over 10 years in the field of IT. She has worked in analytics, big data and smart grids for most of her career. She is associated with a team of two other blockchain developers who have 18 years, and 12 years experience respectively within the IT field. Her team has proven to be one of the best teams in Korean and has embarked on large projects before and produced promising results.

The company also employed the able hands of 12 advisors who help them with decision making when things get too tough for them. The advisors range from blockchain experts such as Dr Don Change to lawyers to help with the federal and international law. Edenchain has leaders in their fields, and if any company would be able to deliver on a huge project as this, it definitely should be the Eden Team.

Closing Remarks

The Edenchain project is going to be a very big investment for all those who care to be a part of it. Be it as it may, we still think that the Edenchain team has a lot of work to do to achieve this project. Coupled with the lots of benefits associated with the Edenchain platform, We think it is going to be so much of a profitable platform. Eden is a unique opportunity in the cryptocurrency market and promises to blow up like something we have not seen before. Their efforts to building a programmable economy, is outstanding and is the first of its type and we are sure it would be a very much welcomed development if only the Edenchain team will live up to the expectation we are throwing up at them.

Important Links:

Website: http://edenchain.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/edenchainio

Telegram (Bounty Channel): https://t.me/edenbounty

Telegram (Announcement Channel): https://t.me/edenchainannouncements

Facebook: https://facebook.com/edenchainio

Telegram: https://t.me/edenchainio



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A prolific Writer who loves putting up Great Content because He loves Reason Great Content