POEM — — The Secured Connectivity Of Edenchain

- There is no such thing as a system free of hack attacks

There is no truth in believing that petty projects with ridiculous systems can keep us safe

Then why do petty project owners create hypes around Projects that they can’t invest in

Giving us thoughts that even their team can’t believe.

- They promise security without deep interest in keeping our investments safe

They hope to protect us, but their system cannot withstand even a moment of a hack attack

Just when we were about loosing it all to what we believed is our fate

Then comes Edenchain standing right at the barrier and holding the gate.

- Some Run for a permissionless Blockchain

All in the hope to avoid hacks during data import, this they do at the expense of their users

Edenchain runs a permissioned blockchain, all because of the interest of her users

Just when they thought we would have security issues while linking on-chain and off-chain nodes

Edenchain implemented the distinct E-bridge layer just to keep her users safe.

- All I see these petty projects doing is ranting about their project on social platforms

But they jeopardize the safety of their users because they are only after the users’ money and not their well being

On the walls of truth has Edenchain written her strong belief in her project and on the pinnacle of hard work has Eden drafted her roadmap

Eden is all but a road we have to choose to work, but we certainly should follow this road to avoid the fangs of regret.