Deep Learning


Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are deep learning networks, which are excellent in object recognition of images. Its design is inspired by a part of the brain called the visual cortex. The role of the visual cortex is to process visual data. It has created many wonderful impacts on advanced artificial intelligence especially achieved great success in image classification problems.

It is very important to understand the basic concepts in image recognition before the study of CNN:

  • Feature Detection
  • Convolution

Feature Detection

Images are composed of a grid composed of many small squares. This is called a pixel. Each pixel is associated with a value in the range of [0–225], where 0 is black and 255 is white. Finally, a color image is represented by a group of three metrics and each corresponds to one color channel (red, green, blue). …


Saniya Parveez

A Machine Learning & technology explorer with the drive to learn, apply, and expand his mind.

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