In today’s digital and smartphone era, we can easily take hundreds of photos and videos everyday. Within seconds, we can also receive hundreds of photos and videos everyday. This can be a nightmare to manage.

Google Photos came pre-installed on my smartphone and I am not complaining. It is a photo storage and sharing service launched by Google in 2015 as an offshoot of Google + and can be accessed on all devices. The app automatically uploads your photos and videos to the cloud and organizes them by three main categories — people, places, and things. …

I don’t like taking notes on my laptop. I prefer using a pen and paper because I find it difficult to concentrate between typing and paying attention to something someone is saying. However, when I had to move back home after my graduation, I had to sort through my class notes and choose which ones were worth carrying back home due to baggage limit. …

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I try to catch the latest episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations while traveling to work in the Metro and Radiolab is a favourite when I go for a run or a casual stroll in the evening. I have tried several apps to listen to my favourite podcast channels and I finally settled on Castbox. Here is my review of the app:


1. It is free to use! They also provide unlimited storage.

2. You can download the podcasts and audiobooks and listen to them offline. There is also an option to…

Ever since I watched the show , I became deeply concerned about my online privacy. Our every move on the internet is tracked. While some may argue that we benefit from customized content suggestions and advertisements, at what point does it start to get creepy?

We all know Google, the pioneer of surveillance capitalism, that has pretty much replaced the words ‘online search’ in our vocabularies and is monetizing on all the data it can possibly get its hands on. Google can track you even when you are using its ‘incognito mode’ and link the website information to your…

CES, which stands for consumer electronics show, is a phenomenal trade event hosted every year in Las Vegas by Consumer Technology Association. This year’s CES, held between 7th and 10th January, showcased some of the latest technology that companies, both big and small, have been working on. Apart from talking about today’s technology narrative, the show also focused on the technological trends they expect to see over the next decade. It is said that more than half of such concepts might never even reach the consumer market anytime soon, however, they act as a scaffolding that manufacturers can use to…

As someone who relies on public transportation and cab services to travel around the city, it is something that gives me major anxiety! The poor organization and quality of public transportation in India has enabled a plethora of apps such as Uber, Ola, Rapido, etc. to flourish and provide alternate platforms to avail transportation. However, these apps come with a host of their own problems in Bangalore — long waiting times, surge pricing and sometimes the lack availability at a given time.

To solve this problem, Loca Rides is yet another ride sharing app in the mix. Loca operates shared…

Sandeep Johnson, customer success & marketing manager, Hyderabad

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Photo courtesy of Sandeep Johnson

I am a news person, but not a newspaper person. I pretty much rely on inshorts and I have a couple of apps that I use for tracking news daily.

My initial reaction was shock towards the Hyderabad case. I was shocked that we are talking about identities being declared, and people are not even aware of the consequences of that. Now we all know who she is, what she did, who her mom and dad are. The idea of protecting identity — no one seems to know what that is! …

Sandhya Menon on the present and future of the #MeToo movement in India

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The #MeToo movement took a personal toll on activists such as Sandhya Menon. “It took me about six months to settle down into some level of calmness,” Menon says in this interview. Photo courtesy: Sandhya Menon

Do you think movements such as #MeToo can specifically address rape culture and work towards reshaping Indian society’s mindset?

I don’t think so. Not at this stage where we’re still fighting for the right to be believed, you know? The Utsav Chakraborty-Mahima Kukreja case, for example, has become a complete shit show. She called him out in 2018, and a year later he came…

Sandhya Menon, a prominent figure behind #MeTooIndia, on where the movement stands and where she sees it going

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Sandhya Menon, a Bangalore-based journalist, has been on the forefront of the #MeToo movement in India since October 2018. Photo courtesy: Sandhya Menon

Danbar Bahadur, security guard, Bangalore

“Man is knowledgeable but he is doing things that are ignorant of him”.
“Man is knowledgeable but he is doing things that are ignorant of him”.
Photo: Sanjana Thandaveswaran

I moved to Bangalore from Assam nine years ago in search of a job. I am currently working as a security guard here. I read the news a little. I try reading the Hindi newspaper whenever I get time between my shifts.

When I see news articles about crimes against women, I feel it is wrong. It pains me to see children of five years and 10 years getting affected. Everybody has sisters, a wife, and a mother — don’t they have a family to get back to? Then, why do they do it?

It is wrong for a man…

Sanjana Thandaveswaran

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