3 Tips on choosing the Best Induction Frying Pan

The days the kitchens are modern and are equipped with induction cooking systems. If you have one of these in your house, then you must be aware that it requires special type of kitchenware which is induction friendly. As induction cooktops don’t have flame, they generate heat by magnetic induction. This type of cooking is extremely efficient and has many advantages when compared to the traditional gas stove. Although it requires special kitchenware and one of the most used product is an Induction Frying Pan! If you’re planning to buy a new Induction Frying Pan, then continue reading!

1. Reactive Substance

As Indians, we cook a variety of dishes and use many different ingredients such as oils, vegetables, meats, spices, dairy products juices etc. It is indeed important to know if an induction frying pan has any reactive substance. Hence, always make sure you do a thorough research on the material your pan has as it should suit your cooking style. Good induction pans are made without any reactive substance and hence are slightly expensive but they are not just healthy, they will also last longer.

2. Material

Stainless steel is the most well-known option and has been utilised by a substantial number of ladies in their kitchens. Stainless steel is solid, powerful and non-destructive. It is likewise the best conductor of heat, and subsequently is regularly mixed with aluminum in multi-layered bases.

The second kind of material utilized while making induction frying pans is Cast iron. In spite of the fact that it can be great quality, which is very durable. It gives even heat transfer at low settings, but since of its heavy and thick base takes more time to heat up and cool down when compared to other sorts of cookware.

The last kind of material utilised to make an induction frying pan is aluminium. This metal conducts and holds heat extremely well. It is also lightweight and doesn’t rust. The aluminium base creates the heat from the induction cooktop and transfers it through to the entire pan. Alongside being famous, aluminium is also extremely cheap and cost-effective.

3. Scratch Resistant

While purchasing san induction frying pan, you must remember to check whether it is rust-proof and does not erode after some time. You should also ensure that the pan is scratch resistant as while cooking we end up using different spoons and ladles, which make these pans highly prone to scratches. therefore, a good pan should be strong enough to withstand wear and tear.

If you keep in mind these 3 tips, we’re sure you will end up buying the best induction frying pan that’s available in your budget!

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