Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

When friends or relatives visit it is important to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. Guests should be made to feel at home in your home. The appearance of the guest room will indicate the time and effort spent to prepare for any visit. Finishing touches, such as coordinating throw pillows on the bed, or a small welcome gift on the nightstand, are great.


The main goal has to be overall comfort for guests. People will not be able to enjoy their time visiting if they are struggling to get sleep, wake up in pain, or toss and turn all night. Before having fun with the cute little touches, make sure the bed and pillows are of high-quality. If the mattress is beginning to show wear, add a down mattress topper for comfort. The softness and warmth of down bedding cannot be matched by any other material.

Protect the Pillows

Down products, such as down pillows, keep their shape so hosts do not have to worry about flat pillows. One thing to keep in mind is that down will be ruined by excessive moisture and water. A protector is essential because guests may shower at night and go to bed with wet hair or sleep in beauty cream that contains oils. It is much easier and cost-effective to wash pillow protectors than it is to replace real goose down.

Invest in Quality

Synthetic down is not a viable substitute for actual down. The fluffiness and comfort is nowhere near the same. Paying less money for lower quality will not save money when the bedding has to be replaced frequently. A high fill power number, which is eight-hundred or above, will last the longest and be the most comfortable for guests. High-quality will also be more cost-effective because it will not have to be replaced for a decade or more.

A detailed explanation of the fill power ratings and what that all means is available on the Down & Feather website. That is where customers will find more information regarding quality, selection assistance, and density. This experienced company has specialized in goose down and feather products since 1983.

Hassle-Free Elegance

A guest room that is well-organized, contains high-quality products, and offers superior comfort requires little maintenance and minimal changes over the years. Entertain house guests with a hassle-free room that is both comfortable and welcoming. Guests will be impressed, hosts will know visitors will be comfortable, and everyone can enjoy sightseeing, shopping, and local attractions.