10 Types of People Found in every Startup

Diversity is what defines India. Be it cultural or with the different types of people with their religions, castes and political views.

Let’s come to a smaller world-The world of Start-ups. Even ‘start-up ville’ has its own diversity with different types of people coming from different backgrounds and mentality. Caste and religion is usually not an issue here, but your approach to a particular problem or situation does categorize you. We know these words are reminding you of your bossy boss or the ‘oh-I-am-so-good’ people about whom you discuss with your ‘workplace bff’. Here we have categorized the ten types of people you usually encounter in a start-up. We have Chandler explaining the ‘moo-points’ to Joey:

“Hey chandler, how’s it going your side?”

“Pretty much the same, except for the people. You do see a variety more than the ice-cream parlor. Here you just don’t know how tasty it will be opening the package.”

“It’s good exploring new things when you compare them to ice-cream.”

“Not always. And definitely not at your job.”

“But I love ice-cream.”

No worries, we saw that coming. We all know Joey loves food. Anyways, here is Chandler describing the seven types of people found in a start-up:

The ‘I-am-always-right’ Boss

The word Boss is self-sufficient in explaining itself. When you enter a startup, you step into it with a preconceived notion that “The Boss is Always Right”. Even if you don’t, they will hammer it into you sooner or later. And the boss does pride on being the boss- not always arrogant but definitely bossy. Ya, we all hate it at times and wish badly we didn’t have to deal with it. But a startup will not be a startup without its boss. We all love Monica!

The ‘Arrogant’ Guy

The startup may or may not give you enough of something but it will definitely acquaint you with the “Arrogant Guy” who is always proud of his achievements (no matter they exist or not), who will always listen to your ideas for hours, debate with you and in the end proudly prove you wrong either on the basis of knowledge or experience.

In the end, you will feel like- “Why was I even talking to him?”

P.S. Such arrogant guys are also sweet at times on the personal front. So don’t judge a book by its cover people.

The ‘Pet’

This is probably the most common type found in a startup. Of all the types of people, the pet who gains everything by licking boots is the earner of uniform hatred from all.
Sometimes they are self-proclaimed or hand-picked, but at the end they are pets. They love going to the boss for even the smallest reasons just to increase visibility. They love doing the jobs given by the boss but not by other colleagues. Enough said.

The ‘Kind and Sweet Senior’

Oh no! Don’t make a face like that.

At a time when you are tired of the arrogance and the bossiness of people, you do need a mental recharge and this particular senior will always boost your mental health just by being sweet. He or she is a senior not just because of age but may be because of experience and the fact that he or she has been there for longer. After talking, you will just wonder how can this person be so patient! But always remember, these people may or may not always take your side in times of distress. Richard man, I still miss you.

The ‘All News’ person

This is the person who can actually publish a daily gossip/breaking news column for your startup. Not exactly the gossip gal or guy but the person from whom you may get information or news about what’s happening where at any corner of your office. Owing to the invisible parrot that they possess, they may at times predict what’s going to happen the next day at office. Not everyone likes such people, but admit it you will always need him one time or the other. Simply indispensable.

The ‘Lazy Bones Jones’

Some people know they have to work and that’s the beginning and end for them. Keeping the work for the last moment, counting days to the deadline are some characteristic traits of such species. When everyone is having a hard day at office, he/she might be seen chilling somewhere. Looking at the positive side, they actually give you hope — hope that you won’t be the first person to be kicked out from your job.

The ‘Cute Guy Or Girl’

Admit it, there is one person at the startup who makes your heart skip a beat. Be it looks or behavior, they are just cute. It might not be love or crush or infatuation, nevertheless you will never say a no for an ice-cream just for his/her cute face. They turn out to be Ross or not, is your luck!

The ‘Workaholic’

You just don’t know they are working for promotion and bonuses or aiming to beat bolt at work marathon. They are the always bee busy people with no time for being social. They are usually the most courteous fellow of the office but if they can’t beat the deadline it’s hell on earth for them. The first one to come and the last one to leave the office who mainly survive on coffee and often the employee of the month.

The ‘Pessimist’

We all understand that the job is difficult but doubting the plan every time. We call them the pessimist, they call themselves the realist. At times you would feel like pushing them off a cliff for being a downer but the next moment you remember the tasty food you would miss staying in jail. Yes, we all have thought that at times.

The ‘Engine of Enthusiasm’

You go to office, sit in your cubicle, attend meetings, and handle projects. For some people, the routine is slightly different. Their unparalleled enthusiasm in any work will refresh you. They may or may not be the star employee but are definitely the stars that the office would hate to lose. They work better than coffee.

“That reminds me, hey Joey is Phoebe back?”

“No, she got another offer for smelly cat. So will be late.”

“That’s enthusiasm, my friends. “

“It’s great! In a way, you actually got your FRIENDS there.”

“Yeah, just in a different packaging. A start-up is a place of new ideas and new people. The different types of people you meet there help you grow into a better person with better ideas and new experiences”

“Hey wait, did you ask them?”


“How yo doin? ” :p