6 Idiotic Office Rules that drive everyone crazy

Rules are meant to be broken. That’s what we think in our student life. Then finally a day comes when corporate life hits you hard and shatters all your ‘breaking bad’ dreams. They start with the training then the salary and then finally the rules. These idiotic office rules are more difficult and irrational than people who compare GoT with saas-bahu serials.

Ever wondered why the resistance that we had for going to school comes back in our heart when we are twenty-something and responsible for ourselves? The “9 to 5” resistance would have been negligible only if ‘THEY’ were a bit reasonable, only if they understood our needs and wants.

Mr. Snow is a good guy who made it to the ‘throne’ of XYZ company with his own hard work and sincerity. He prides on being the self-made man with his sword (beating the best) talent. All seemed good when he joined but the rules at office never seem to be treating him good.

1. Restriction on Internet Usage

Right when you think that you are grown up and no one will now complain about you being online the whole day, this rule comes along to shatter your socializing dreams. Mr. Snow found this weird as he couldn’t check the profile of the last person he interviewed for understanding his sword power better.

2. Restriction on bathroom breaks

Like seriously why? Mr. Snow isn’t exactly very good at controlling his bladder; but wait a minute, the job requisites never had the clause “exceptional bladder and bowel control skill”. Unwantedly, Mr. Snow has to get a bathroom warrant from his doctor, who by the way hates him too.

3. Dress codes

We understand that wearing a ghaghra or pyjamas to meetings isn’t commendable but having the right to be comfortable is very important. Until and unless you are comfortable and free, you can never have a free mind to get the best out of you. No matter how professional formal suits look, we need to understand that in a country like India where many people die of sun stroke, wearing such armors to office isn’t that feasible.

4. Ban on mobile phones

Unnecessary texting or looking at the screen can be very disruptive to work but that accounts for only 90% of the cases. The remaining cases are when you need to check your phone for any family or health emergency.

5. Ranking System

At a time when we are bad mouthing the ranking system of education citing it as a demotivating practice for students, companies have this ‘just-for-show-but-they-count-you-know’ performance rankings. Can this ranking system be the criteria to judge if everyone is equal in terms of capabilities? Does this mean that students who turned to employees stopped being human? Well, our Mr. Snow doesn’t bother; a King will always be a King.

6. Compulsory Attendance

I chose to take this phrase from our student life because this is exactly what the employer wishes to say when he or she puts ridiculous requirements for attendance, leave and time-off. Is Mr. Snow paid for his sword skills or for the time he spends with his desk?

He enjoys all the attention he gets after leave “Snow is Back!” :p

Good that he could see through such rules to conclude how it suffocates an employee.

The day ain’t far when they all voice him “Oh, employer! Winter is Coming.”

Credits: https://thehackerstreet.com/idiotic-office-rules/

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