The Blazers
Sprint Assignment 2
Application 1 : Contacts App

In general, whenever a person uses his/her phone he needs an easier and quicker access to all his apps. So, to further develop this idea of connecting apps in one, we worked on the contacts app. The initial sketches go as follows:

After sketching the layout, the next step was to design it on Experience design. It was kept in mind that the design should be such that it is seen clearly and easily readable.

This was the first design made after proper drafting and listing of ideas and putting them together. The color was something which could be made better so the next screen was made as follows:

The search bar is the most used widget and so it is kept completely exposed and on the top. Next comes the star icon which is direct access to contacts added to favorites. The groups are made for easier access to group of people with the same relations with the user. Its easier to broadcast messages when such groups are created. An option will be given to the user while creating a new contact about which group the person should be on. A new group can be made as well.

After clicking on a particular contact, this is the screen you will be shown. While making the screen it was kept in mind that a faster access should be provided to the user. All the vital information about the contact will be displayed on the screen. The user can easily access any social media where the person is available. Recent logs can also be seen for a quick reference.

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