One of the first workers to organize a protest for better conditions at a delivery app shares his story — and it’s more relevant than ever now

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When Callum Cant started working as a courier for Deliveroo in 2016, he was taken aback at how little human interaction was required in his job. Deliveroo is the UK’s answer to DoorDash or PostMates; it’s a fast-growing, app-based food delivery company that currently operates in 200 cities. Yet Cant only met one person who worked in the Deliveroo office on his first day: the staffer who handed him some paperwork and basic bike lights.

In the hilly town of Brighton, on the south coast of England, Deliveroo couriers would often gather in the zone center to make sure they…

Sites like Bellingcat, which document human rights abuses and identify state-sponsored assassins, are worried overzealous moderation is destroying evidence

Photos: Wikimedia

In June, the award winning investigative outfit Bellingcat, which uses open source intelligence to investigate human rights abuses, had its YouTube account suspended for four hours.

Eliot Higgins, who founded and now runs Bellingcat, didn’t know anything about it until an email from YouTube at 7.30am that day, and it was only reinstated four hours later after an outcry from other media organizations and journalists.

For some, a YouTube account suspension is annoying but not devastating. For Bellingcat, and other investigative groups like it, YouTube is a vital source of information for their investigative work.

YouTube is the world’s largest…

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