I have much to say

But you don’t understand

Deep within me a yearning

For a chance perhaps undeserved

That folly, it torments me

More so, your judgement

Pleas for forgiveness lost in the wind

I forget sometimes

The warmth of your touch,

Your sweet smile,

The joy you gave to me

Then in a crowd

An arm brushes mine

And you come to me at once

Every moment shared

Every promise exchanged

I am paralysed, nauseous

The storm passes

Leaving in its wake

A void to be filled only with tears

Today you appear

This time in flesh

An eternity has passed

Words elude my tongue

Neither can you read my eyes

Your kindness no compensation

For the life of togetherness lost

As we bid farewell

The ghost of our love celebrates

Liberated from its shackles of hope

The wound is healed

The scar has yet to fade

The tides of time wash you from my mind

Reside forever you will in my heart

If in this life

Our paths should cross again

Stay silent I must

Though I have much to say

My dear, you don’t understand

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