Mend your broken heart.

When we think of a broken heart, we only think about the pain that comes with it and not the memories it leaves behind. A broken heart can be as painful as something that tears you apart or as quiet as a helpless, heart-wrenching cry in the middle of the night. No matter how things may be, a failed relationship shakes you from within. When you give your heart to someone, you expect them to treasure it. You give them the power to hurt you while you secretly hope that they won’t. But sadly, that’s not how it works. I hope you know that.

Relationships were never supposed to be perfect and our fragile hearts were meant to be broken. Things often fall apart so that our lives can fall back into place. Some relationships are meant to end so that new ones can take their place. Yet, we hold on to whatever remains and let it become the cause of our pain. We invest so much in our relationships with others that we forget to have a relationship with ourselves. We make others the sole entity in our lives and when they leave, we’re left with a void too big to fill with our tears. We hopelessly wait for someone to come along and pick us up, refusing to accept that we’re all we need. We accept living in denial, in shattered dreams and broken promises and let it govern our lives.

Man often relies on his fellow beings to help him out, but forgets that there is One sitting up in heaven, waiting to call upon his name. We search in empty hearts, while the One whose heart is filled with love and compassion eagerly waits. He waits to take our pain away. Why don’t we search for him inside our hearts instead of empty prayer halls? Why don’t we call out to his name? Sometimes, we decide to take things in our hands, not knowing that the burden is too heavy for us to bear. We wish to move forward in our lives, but often leave him behind.

After much deliberation, I asked myself, when did man become greater than the God who sits on high? And, why is it so difficult to let him take control?

As a weak human being, I often find myself in situations I have no control over yet I try to mend things over and over again. I cry out to him in my prayers at night, but I still try to do things my way every morning. I relentlessly go on about how strong I am and how I can handle things on my own, but I forget that my strength comes from up above. I forget that nothing on this Earth is my own, but his alone.

Relationships are not a one-sided affair. You need to hold on to what you believe in and let God take over. Our friends and families may leave us, even our partners may leave, but the One who created us won’t ever leave. He hears the prayers we fail to say. He sees the tears we do not cry. He bears the sufferings we cannot bear and shares the bread we do not share. If only, we’d let him take control. For him, no suffering is too small and no prayer too trivial.

Tonight, when you go to sleep, allow him to mend your broken heart. Let him touch your wounds and heal for there is none like Him. For once, cast all your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you. (Psalm 55:22)